Vic’s – HK Style Food in Chinatown

AC knows the owner of Vic’s, so we go when we crave HK style Chinese food. Though the restaurant is busy at lunch, you can usually get a table because the staff turns over the tables quickly. Located on the second floor, booth seats offer a view of the bustling streets of Chinatown. I like to watch the people walking by, in case I recognize anyone I know from work.soup Service at Vic’s is efficient and friendly, accommodating to AC’s many questions and revisions. Lunch specials ($10.50) include a soup and tea or coffee. The soup I favour is a simple broth with watercress, beef and carrots. Vic’s version reminds me of the medicinal soups my grandmother use to prepare for me. beef flank turnip AC ordered beef flank with turnip on rice. The beef was tender while the turnip texture was soft and juicy. The rice was a health portion for one, fluffy and hot. noodle My favourite dish was an AC special order – ho fan noodles with shrimp, egg and peas. The noodles were slippery in sauce, the peas gave it a nice little pop of freshness. Though the shrimp was small in sauce, it made up in quantity. feipo-leafbg Fei Po gives Vic’s two medium size thumbs up. Service is attentive and efficient. The food is consistent and always served hot.

Vic's Hong Kong Style BBQ & Cafe on Urbanspoon


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