Alpine Sausage – Meat Market

One of my favourite place to shop is Alpine Sausage, located in the Glamorgan Shopping Centre. Personally, I think Alpine makes the best maple bacon, chicken chorizo sausages, and turkey burgers.

ham hock

Recently, I found several other great items, such as the smoked turkey legs for my split pea soup ($10.00) and ham hock ($10.00). The last time I dropped by, the owner put up the drumsticks on special for only $5.00 because he wanted to clear his freezer. There is so much meat on these babies. The flavour of the turkey is so intense that I don’t need chicken broth and barely any salt for seasoning in my soup. smoker

The owner of Alpine, Norm, proudly informed me he just bought a new smoker. He even showed me his smoker and gave me a sample of some turkey bacon he was drying.


Sometimes Norm has prime cuts and he gives me a smoking deal on just because he’s feeling nice. Once I got a beautiful piece of bison for only $15.00. More recently, he gave me a fantastic cut of prime beef for only $20.00. I never expect to get a discount, but when I’m offered, I’m too thrifty to refuse. It’s the Chinese in me.

L took Norm’s prime beef and seasoned it with spices then slow cooked it on his BBQ. The result? Tender, succulent pieces of beef.


My advice? Go and check out this incredible deli shop for quality meat. Even without the occasional sale, the prices are way better than Safeway and the quality is far superior. Fei Poi gives Alpine Sausage two fat thumbs up.
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