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Chong Fat – Fei Po Strikes Again

My two amigos, AC and RG, wanted to go out for lunch. I told AC that I wanted to eat somewhere not “yeet hay” (oily or deep fried food). AC snickered at me, because he thinks it’s funny when I occasionally break out in Cantonese.

AC took a roundabout way to Chong Fat, one of my favourite places for Chinese food. I like that the dishes are tasty without the addition of heavy sauces or a deep-fryer.


AC ordered chicken curry ($9.99) which came with a plate of rice and boiled lettuce, dressed in oyster sauce. I liked the spices in the chicken curry, and the soft mellow potatoes. The chicken was all white meat and juicy. AC informed me that the chicken is first steamed, then sliced before added to the curry.

I munched on most of the boiled lettuce, which sounds weird but actually is delicious in a simple way. The lettuce still retains a crunchiness.


The soy sauce duck with mein was my favourite dish ($9.25). Oh my. Cut into thin slices, the duck was lean, flavourful, and succulent. AC knows the owner, who added squid to the dish just for him. The wonton mein noodles were still firm and not soggy even after sitting in the broth for half an hour, which I find happens to often to this type of noodles. I like the squid, which had a nice bounce to it. AC told me that the people who own Chong Fat open the restaurant because they enjoy food and cooking so much.


GR favourite dish was beef ho fun. AC orders the sauce on top of the noodles rather than stir fry, which means it makes for a healthier and wetter dish. The beef was cut in big pieces, tenderized and super soft.  The beans were fresh and had a pleasant crunch to it. We all fought over the noodles with our chopsticks.

Ah, Chong Fat. I love you so much. Fei Po gives Chong Fat two fat thumbs up.

Chong Fat on Urbanspoon


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