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Buon Giorno – Bday Dinner

My buddy GR and I have similar taste when it comes to food and wine. He told me that Buon Giorno is one of his favourite restaurants and it’s not as expensive as the other Italian heavy weight in Calgary, Mercato. He assured me that every dish was good, from the soup, scampi, veal to the pasta. I was sold. For my bday dinner, I booked a table for two at Buon Giorno.

The decor is a blast from the past. Each table was outfitted with green tablecloths, green napkins and a single long stem rose. It reminded me of the first restaurant my father took me when I was about five years old. I still remember that night. My mother kept requesting one song for the piano man to sing “That’s Amore“, and my sister didn’t receive a rose at the end of the night like all the other female customers because the owner mistook her for a boy. Ah, that was a good night.


I asked our server for a recommendation for red wine by the glass. I assume he picked the house wine because it was only $8.00. Shortly after we received our wine, we were provided with two warm bread rolls with cold pats of butter.


For an appetizer, L and I shared an order of the Scampi Al Burro ($16.95). I could smell the garlic the moment the dish was placed in front of me. I’m a big cheapskate, so I thought the price tag for the four pieces was a little pricey. Next time, I’ll try the soup or the calamari.

L and I ordered the Pasta Feast for two ($38.95), which allows you to to pick three of any of the pasta dishes on the menu. We ordered Tortellini Buon Gustaio, Fettuccine Con Capesante and the Seafood Lasagne. However, when we received our platter, the seafood lasagna was replaced with the Linguine Pescatore. Not a big deal, as the Linguine Pescatore turned out to be L’s favourite dish of the night.


I really enjoyed the tortellini. The veal filling was delicious, smothered in a rich cream sauce and fresh sauteed spinach. The fettuccine was also a winner. The rose sauce was a nice balance of tart tomatoes and cream, and there was a ton of bullet size scallops. The linguine was tossed in a simple tomato sauce, and heavy on the seafood, tender calamari rings, mussels, and shrimp.

The food was so good that despite being full, I polished off the entire platter. Our server exclaimed that we did well, as no one usually can finish the platter. I announced that this was some of the best pasta I have ever consumed. He replied, “I can see that, as I told you, not many people can finish the pasta platter.”


Fei Po gives Buon Giorno two fat thumbs up. It’s not fancy fare, but the food is comforting, filling and frigging delicious. For two glasses of wine, the pasta platter, and an appy, the total without tip was $75.00.

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