Great Taste Chinese Restaurant- Bday Lunch

My colleague MD wanted to take me out for lunch for my birthday. Normally, we got to Charcut because we can in get in and out within 45 minutes. However, MD was so unimpressed with the service we received the last time, she wanted to go elsewhere.

The two servers looking after all the customers at Great Taste were pleasant and attentive. The restaurant was quiet on a Monday, and relaxing for a Chinese restaurant. Unlike Calgary Court, I didn’t need to worry about being mowed over by a server hell bent on being efficient, which incidentally, I appreciate.

Based on Yelp reviews, I wanted to try three items: Lamb Cumin Ribs ($15.99); Fish Mah Soup with Crab ($14.99); and Tea Smoked Duck ($15.99). As MD has a light appetite, I ordered a medium bowl of the Fish Mah Soup with Crab and the Tea Smoked Duck. We sipped on tea that was at least a couple grades higher than nearby restaurants, U & Me and Ho Won.

fish maw soup

The first to arrive was the soup. Oh my – the soup smelled so good. I thought I could detect garlic. The soup was served hot. The flavours were delicate, with hits of sweet, fluffy pieces of crab.

tea duck
After a leisurely pause, we received our tea smoked duck. The skin was crispy but the meat was juicy and meaty. I really enjoyed dipping the duck in the side dish of salt as it really enhanced the flavour of the duck. The dish included four soft white buns, which we stuffed full of duck meat before consuming.


Two dishes was more enough food for us. In fact, MD had leftovers for dinner. MD and I can’t wait to return to try the hot and sour soup and lamb cumin ribs. Fai Po gives Great Taste two fat thumbs up.

Great Taste Chinese Restaurant on Urbanspoon


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