Calgary Court – $10.99 Lunch Specials

My buddy AC is a funny guy. He only eats at Chinese restaurants that are visibly busy because he believes that’s a sure sign the food is fresh. He has this stubborn habit of ordering food for the entire table in Cantonese, but not telling us non Chinese speakers what he ordered until it arrives. AC also takes different routes each time we walk to Chinatown, because he says it feels like its a new journey. I like his quirks plus he has a knack for ordering the best dishes.

This day, he felt like eating Calgary Court. At lunch, Calgary Court is bustling restaurant. We arrived at 12:30pm and scored the only table left. The table was right by the kitchen, so every single server would brush/bump past me on their way into the kitchen. AC mentioned to me that it wouldn’t bother him. I waited for him to offer to change seats with me, but when that didn’t happen, I just resigned to my spot.

AC ordered two dishes from the lunch special menu: BBQ Pork and Egg Foo Yung on Rice ($10.99) and Szechuan Spicy Beef on Rice ($10.99). Tea and soup is included in the special. AC chose the Chinese broth, a soup my grandmother always made from meat bones and medicinal ingredients.


The broth was much more richly flavoured than my grandmother’s version, filled with almond slivers, greens, soft carrots and bits of soft, tender chunks of beef.

The eggs in the Egg Foo Young was silky soft and wet. I wish there was more BBQ pork. What was there was cut in tiny little pieces, so I couldn’t really taste it. However, the egg mixture was flavourful.

The portion of meat in the Szechuan Spicy Beef was also a tad scanty. However, just like the other dish, the flavour was there. I liked the heat and spices and the addition of crunchy onions. The rice at Calgary Court is on the dry side, which I prefer. AC disagrees with me, as he prefers a wetter, moister rice.

In summary, portions for the lunch special aren’t big but still filling. The food is darn tasty, despite the absence of a whole lot of meat. The restaurant is chaotic and super busy, but the servers are friendly enough and efficient. Fei Po gives Calgary Court one fat thumb up.

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