Ho Won – Fei Po’s Favourite

My buddy AC introduced me to Ho Won. Since then, I’ve been back at least three times. One warning – this restaurant gets busy and there are only a few servers, so be patient. I usually make eyes at our server the moment we sit down. The moment s/he arrives at my table, I pounce with my order.

The last time I was there, there was a loud mouth, obnoxious jerk at the adjacent table, giving the server a hard time. He wanted egg rolls, but the female server told him it was only available at dinner. He aggressively argued with her until she relented and asked the cook for an exception.

I noticed several dishes that customers always order at Ho Won: Salt and Pepper Squid ($12.99); Ginger Beef ($11.99); and Pork Dumplings ($6.00). My favourite dish is the salt and pepper squid. The squid is thick and toothsome, almost tubular in shape. The batter is so light, it breaks and melts on your tongue.
I’m not a ginger beef girl, but I acknowledge Ho Won makes one of the best and cheapest versions in the city. The beef pieces aren’t skinny or tough, rather, each piece is tender and meaty. Again, I’m a fan of the batter, airy and so crispy despite the sugary coating.
ginger beef

I’m a huge fan of Ho Won’s Singapore noodles ($8.99). The chef isn’t afraid to turn up the heat with this dish. The noodles are covered in a rich, wet curry coating. Along with the noodles, there is a generous mixture of crunchy green peppers, green onions, white onions, and egg. The portion is generous for the price, much like all the other dishes.

I hope Ho Won sticks around for many more generations. The food is cheap, filling and delicious. Fei Po gives Ho Won two fat thumbs up.


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