Chong Fat – Oodles of Noodles

I met Jaime recently at our favourite boutique, Eye on Design, in Inglewood. We were suppose to head over to Market or a new restaurant after shopping, but with the snow flurry in effect and an uncharacteristically carefree shopping splurge on my part, I opted for cheap eats in Chinatown.

AC first introduced me to Chong Fat. I tried to look what what chong fat translates into in English, without much luck. If I ever opened up a Chinese restaurant, I would call it Fei Po (fat girl), my nickname growing up. I’m unsure if that would fly or just attract emotional eaters.

I like to think of Chong Fat as a Chinese version of Tom’s Restaurant from the television show, Seinfield. The restaurant is basic, clean and old school, in an 80s sort of way. I like the service, the staff is friendly and they don’t rush you out after eating. In fact, Jaime and I sat for a long time after our meal, sipping on numerous refills of free tea.


Without AC to translate, it was harder to request a vegetarian bowl of noodles. The best we could do is to ask for no meat. So Jaime received a plain bowl of ho fun with a sprinkle of cilantro. She followed up with another order of gai lan, which was brought out simply steamed, stacked, drizzled with a soy sauce and deep fried garlic.


I ordered a large bowl of four meats ho fun soup without cilantro ($8.99). It’s actually not four meats, but four different types of meat and seafood balls. My favourite pair of balls was the beef version, the meat tasted fresh, juicy and flavourful. The shrimp balls was also very good, the texture had a nice bounce to it. The noodles were hand cut, I could tell because the shape was irregular. I love ho fun noodles, it doesn’t have a lot of flavour, but I enjoy the slippery smoothness and how easy it goes down my throat. For some heat, I throw in some spoonfuls of chili oil from the side set of condiments on the table.

I also noticed Chong Fat's version of beef chow fun and Singapore noodles looked well made and generous in size for under ten bucks. Not open on Tuesday or evenings. Cash only.

Chong Fat on Urbanspoon


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