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Nikos Pizza – Skip the Dishes

I was contacted by a new restaurant delivery service, Skip the Dishes, to try their service. I was given a $20.00 credit and told to pick whichever restaurant piqued my fancy.

Scrolling through Skip the Dishes’ vendors, I noticed I have a greater variety of restaurants to choose than if I tried to order directly from a restaurant. I wavered back and forth between Nikos, Thai Bistro, and Eats of Asia. I ended up with Nikos because I’m a cheap ass and Nikos waived the delivery charge if you ordered more than $30.00 worth of food.

Ordering online was super easy. There is even an option for the exact time you want the food to arrive. My order arrived right on time. The pizza was piping hot. I had a feeling that it came straight from the restaurant to my door.


I ordered a small, plain cheese pizza ($15.00) and a small, pepperoni, mushroom and green pepper pizza ($17.00). L and I really liked the sauce, which was zesty and tasted homemade. The cheese was chewy (in a good way), and baked to a golden brown. The crust was neither too thick or thin, rather, it was a nice balance between the two extremes.

I enjoyed the simplicity of the cheese pizza. When eaten cold the next day, the pepperoni, mushroom and green pepper pizza tasted even better the next day. The peppers were still juicy and crunchy.

meat pizza

There are quite a few restaurants through Skip the Dishes that will deliver in my hood. Delivery charges range from free (Nikos) to $9.00, no minimum order to varying minimum orders. Not being mobile and living in a city where winter never seems to end makes Skip the Dishes a handy, dandy service.

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