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Born and raised in British Columbia, I use to eat out at least once a day. In Vancouver, it was cheaper to dine out then to cook at home. Calgary does have inexpensive eateries, though not as many as in Vancouver. Lucky for me, John Manzo makes it his mission to find value deals. As I’m no longer working or studying at the university, I miss hearing firsthand his latest discoveries. I’m left to resort to his reviews on Urbanspoon, which is where I saw his newest post on Nami Sushi.

For the month of December, Nami offered a 20% discount. For take-out, customers receive 10% off the total order. I ordered the Nami Tower ($35.00) and I was told to come within 20 minutes, though I ended waiting an extra 23 minutes, so it took a total of 43 minutes. The restaurant was slammed hard that night, with one sushi chef and two servers.

The Nami Tower comes with two miso soups, two salads, three pieces tuna and salmon sashimi, six pieces assorted nigiri, a dynamite roll, a spicy tuna roll, a salmon and avocado roll. This was more than enough for two people.


I can’t compare Nami to my favourite sushi places, because the price difference is extreme. An average roll will set you back $5.00. A big ass sushi party platter cost only $30.00. I was pleasantly surprised with the nigiri sushi. The fish to rice ratio was balanced, I could eat it in two clean bites. The ebi was sweet and crunchy. Snapper, my least favourite fish, wasn’t stringy or fishy. The rice was Japanese, and lightly flavoured with vinegar and a touch of sugar.

Unfortunately, I didn’t care for the sashimi. The salmon was cut in an irregular, slightly too thick slices. The tuna sashimi was still frozen, so I didn’t eat it. However, I enjoyed the maki rolls. The spicy tuna roll wasn’t overly spicy, and the addition of the cucumber chilled out the heat. I also liked the addition of the crunchy tempura bits. The dynamite roll was yummy, the shrimp was freshly cooked and a good size.


On another visit, I ordered Sushi Platter A ($30.00) for my house party. Obviously freshly made, the selection was varied. I received two California rolls, two Dynamite rolls, cucumber, tuna and salmon maki, as well as a Yam roll. Conveniently located nearish to my place, inexpensive and tasty, Nami is now one of my favourite places for Japanese take-out.


Nami Sushi and Grill on Urbanspoon


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