Lucky Place Restaurant

Taking lunches is usually frowned upon in my office, at least if you go on a regular basis (e.g. as in more than once a week). However, my boss was out of the office for a meeting, so when the cat is away…

My work buddy AC knows where all the good Chinese restaurants are in Chinatown. He also knows what to order at each restaurant. We felt like simple and filling Cantonese fare, so he picked Lucky Place.

Screen Shot 2014-12-29 at 10.40.28 AM
AC tends to ask the servers numerous questions about the menu and items. His interrogation often takes no longer than two minutes, and always includes revisions to the dishes ordered. However, the result is always superior than ordering just as is.

We shared a bowl of beef congee, which arrived steaming hot ($6.99). Silky smooth in texture, the soup tasted clean and light. The beef was soft, and green onion added the only other prominent flavour. AC likes to add white pepper, much like my late grandmother did whenever she dined on congee.

Screen Shot 2014-12-29 at 10.40.11 AM

Our second dish was a typical AC special order. AC requested white flat rice noodles with a clear white sauce ($12.99). The dish didn’t come out exactly as he ordered, but it was still delicious. The gravy like sauce had that smokey wok smell and taste. The shrimp was large and plentiful in number, cooked just so it had a nice crunch. Served with Chinese greens, this dish was a wet, slippery mess to eat.

AC told me that Lucky Place is particularly busy at dinner. I’m eager to come again to try the lobster lo mein, crab and beef chow fun. For tasty, inexpensive Cantonese eats, Lucky Place is a solid choice.

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