Thi Thi – Vietnamese Sub

Thi Thi usually has a line-up. Once, the owner’s son asked me if I was previously on a run because I arrived out of breath. I replied that when I spot customers walking over to their storefront, I sprint to get ahead of them.

Thi Thi has two locations, but the Chinatown location is the best in terms of quantity of ingredients and taste. There are also Vietnamese sub shops nearby, but they don’t offer the same flavour explosion. I would rather wait another 15 minutes to get what I actually want – a Thi Thi assorted sub ($5.50).

Thi Thi
The baguette is fresh, the bread is soft, while the crust is satisfyingly toasty. I order my sub with pate but I omit the mayonnaise. Layered with cold cut meats, sweet carrots, marinated onions, two long flat ribbons of cucumber, this marvelous wonder is finished with two red hot peppers, and a drizzle of soy sauce. I love how the pate soaks into the bread, its warm juices intermingling with the cool meats and vegetables.

I speed walk back to work with my treasure, where my buddy AC watches in wonder as I wolf the sub down in record speed. He knows better than to talk to me while I am eating my sub. The size of my forearm (and I have abnormally long arms), I can demolish my sandwich in about three minutes. Next time you head over to Thi Thi and you see me running past you, remember to get out of my way. I am ruthless when I am hungry.

Thi Thi Vietnamese Submarine on Urbanspoon


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