Cassis – Christmas Menu

Valentine’s Day, my birthday, the anniversary of our first date and engagement, the list of every miniscule milestone goes on and on. I feel sorry for my husband, who accepts my cheesiness with feigned enthusiasm.  This time, I wanted to celebrate our wedding anniversary. I heard Cassis Bistro was showcasing their special Christmas menu, so I booked us a table.
foie gras

The “petites bouchées de Nöel” include Foie Gras Torchon aux Figues ($10); Oyster ($3); Perigord Black Truffle Egg Brouillade ($25); and Caviar ($58). We opted for the foie gras, which was one of L’s favourite bites of the night. The foie gras was cool in temperature and melted on my tongue like chilled butter.


I wanted to try the deep sea scallop and lobster salad ($18), as I saw on Facebook that Cassis brings in live lobsters. The freshness of the scallop and lobster really impressed me. Mixed with fennel, grapefruit, razor thin cucumber tagliatelle and a citrus vinaigrette, I thought this dish showcased Cassis refine style of cooking. The subtly of the flavours allowed the sashimiesque seafood to shine through.

shepard pie

For our mains, we opted for the specials – mussels with frites ($24) and a mixed meat Shepard’s Pie ($28).  The Shepard’s Pie was a good mix of meats and creamy whipped potatoes. I particularly liked the crusty cheese layer on the top.


The mussels were stellar. Each shell was open, and all the mussels were as fat and juicy as a big oyster. If I knew the mussels were going to be that good, L and I would just have ordered a few bowls and just stuffed ourselves silly. I dumped all the frites into my bowl to let it soak up the flavour of the fragrant broth. The frites were cooked well enough to sustain a bath in the leftover broth and still emerge crispy.

I am happy to know that I don’t have to go to Vancouver to find fresh and perfectly prepared seafood. I’m trying to remember the first time L and I dined at Cassis so that we can add that date to our list of reasons to celebrate.

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