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Brunch at Nash Restaurant and Off Cut Bar

I’m a creature of habit. If it wasn’t for Jaime, every restaurant meal would likely be at my go to restaurant, Cassis Bistro. As Jaime usually dictates where to go for our bimonthly brunch date, she picked Nash. After dining there this weekend, there are two things that really stand out for me. The excellent service and the gorgeous interior.

What I like the most about Nash was the set-up. The room is modern, tasteful and spacious. The windows provide ample natural light. Diners won’t be crammed into a tiny spot. Customers sitting next to you won’t bump into you, because all the tables and chairs are well spaced, leaving ample room. Unlike most restaurants that serve brunch, the atmosphere is calm and relaxing. No line-ups, crowds, or hassle.


Our server Emily was warm and exceedingly friendly. She also offered good advice as to what to order. I wanted to eat something healthy and Jaime, a vegetarian, wanted something simple, as she was just getting over a bad cold. I ordered the Artic Char fritatta ($16) while Jaime ordered a small mushroom soup ($8), and eggs and toast ($6.00).


I liked that the fritatta wasn’t heavy or covered in a rich cream sauce. I could taste the individual ingredients, such as the rich flavour of the fish and the arugula garnish. I found the potatoes in the fritatta a tad undercooked. The portion was a good size – I was full but not stuffed.


Jaime enjoyed her mushroom soup, which was broth based. She gave me a piece of her toast, and I couldn’t believe how much I enjoyed something as simple as bread and jam. The jam was vibrant in flavour without being sweet. Jaime joked we should come back and just have tea and toast with jam. I told her if we didn’t want to be kicked out, we should also order a bottle of champagne. I can imagine if Jaime and I ever did start coming to Nash just for toast and tea, then Nash would be forced to write on the bottom of their menu, “Guest required to spend more than $3.00 per visit.”


Jaime and I plan to come back for dinner and drinks. I’m looking forward to trying more of the menu and I promise to order more than toast and jam, though it was that good.
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