Anju – King of Late Night

Last night’s meal at Anju was so good, I had to write about it. No photos on this post, as I wasn’t planning on writing about my meal. I will update my blog with pictures when I return to Anju to feast on more delightful dishes.

First up were the salmon tacos ($12.00). An order comes with four tacos. If you are sharing, I would recommend that you order at least two for yourself. The crispy taco shell was packed with silky soft marinated salmon, avocado, sesame slaw, masago and nori. I liked the freshness of the flavours and the cool temperature of the salmon.

Crispy tofu ($14.00) was another favourite. What I love about this dish is the creaminess of the citrus aioli and pork belly. I liked to sop up the tofu with pieces of the sweet kimchi and then pop a piece of the rich salty pork.

Based on a comment from another diner review on Urbanspoon, I ordered the yam fries ($9.00). The fries donned a light tempura-like batter, while the yam itself was yielding. With the gochugaru aioli, Korean sea salt, and truffle oil, this was another rich dish.

Next up was the lemon grass brussels sprouts ($10.00). This dish had a nice combination of flavours and textures, such as the fatty sweet salty flavour of lap cheon (Chinese sausage), fried petals, and fresh walnuts. I could taste a little lime on the sprouts, which help cut into the prominent taste of the lap cheon.

My friend offered me the rest of their kimchi ramen ($18.00). Though I’m sure it’s another calorie laden dish with the pork belly and creme fraiche, I found the pork broth and kimchi soothing to my stomach.

It took me a long time to visit the new Anju because I was worried the food wouldn’t be as good as the original. I’m happy to report that I was wrong to think such an assumption. The food is even better than it was before.

I noted that some reviewers on Urbanspoon think the food at Anju is overpriced. I am all about value, which is why I rarely eat out anymore. However, at the end of the night, I was happy to pay the amount on my bill. The quality and flavours of dishes are well worth the prices charged.

Anju Restaurant on Urbanspoon


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