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Lounging at Muse Restaurant

I saw on Twitter that Muse Restaurant was showcasing cocktails made from Double Cross Vodka (DCV). Produced in Slovak Republic, DCV has won high praise and accolade, as well as a gold medal for its package design. I figured drinking it would be the closest thing to me experiencing an Olympian medal, so I was game.

On Friday nights, L prefers to relax at home. I managed to drag him out by offering to pick up the tab, as well as some intimidation on my part. Thankfully, once we sat down, he enjoyed himself. Our corner booth in the lounge was cozy and private. The mood was serene, the music was mellow.

double crosser

For drinks, L ordered a Mill Street organic beer while I ordered the Double Crosser Martini ($13.00). Indeed, I could feel the power of DCV and blend of peach schnapps and Malbec. A couple of sips later, I was already feeling like a champion.

beef tartare
We ordered three shared plates, all of which were accompanied by Aviv Fried’s Sidewalk Citizen Bakery sourdough. Our first nibble of the night was Alberta Beef Tartare ($17.00). Piled on crusty buttered toast, the combination of the cool and creamy tartare and the warm crunch of the bread were toothsome. L and I were both impressed with the side of parsley salad. As the herb was strong in flavour, the dressing was equally ballsy, with a punch of tart citrus notes.

Our second plate was the Dungeness Crab Salad ($19). The crab was fluffy, subtly seasoned with bits of apple, macadamia nuts and topped with avocado mousse. I really enjoyed the rich crunchy flavour of macadamia with the delicate sweet taste of crab meat.

The winning shared plate of the night was the In-house Charcuterie ($23), which consisted of: duck rillette; pork pistachio pate; Wagyu beef bresola; Guanciale; and pickles. The platter was so large, L and I couldn’t finish all the delicacies. The Guanciale was by far my favourite, the delicate flavour melted on your tongue. L is squeamish with fatty meats, but wrapped around a piece of bread, even he appreciated it.

Another good reason to dine here. After reading in the news regarding restaurants in Calgary serving up illegal meat and seafood, I know I can dine in peace at Muse. All the ingredients and supplies used are from local farmers and producers.


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