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Mimo Restaurant – Valentine’s Dinner

For Valentine’s Day, I wanted to dine somewhere different from our usual haunts. I also didn’t want to pick a restaurant that left L with a $200 plus tab. I decided on Mimo because a) the prices are reasonable, and b) I love seafood.


First up, we ordered the flaming sausage ($9.99). Made in house, our server lit up our night with this dish. I’m not a sausage fan, but I would order this again just for the fun of having a mini fire at the table. L enjoyed the sausage, which had a nice chew to it.
pork and clams

Our second dish was an order of Clams and Pork ($16.99), cooked to our specification of medium spice. The amount of heat was just right for L. Personally, I would have preferred it spicier.
The star of the night was the Paella ($30.00 for 1 person). What I loved about this dish was that all the ingredients melded together. The rice was fantastic. Each grain was firm yet took on all the flavours of the seafood. The mussels, scampi and crab were particularly succulent. Next time L and I return, we plan just to feast on the paella.

MIMO Restaurant on Urbanspoon


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