Date Night @ Zipang

Saturday was date night. I planned to have dinner at Bonterra, but I mistakenly booked reservations for Friday. By the time I realized my error (when an employee at the restaurant called me to ask if I was still coming), it was too late to rebook a table for Saturday. Instead, L took me out to my new favourite Japanese restaurant, Zipang.
I called that day at 5:00pm to make reservations, however, we were still unable to land a table. Instead, we sat at the bar, which was fine, as we could watch as platters of freshly made sushi fly out of the sushi bar.
I ordered a main entree of Fried Oysters ($13.00), which was prepared differently from their appetizer oysters. Instead of the light, almost tempura like batter, this version was encrusted in a heavier coating with a texture similar to that of ton-kasu. L and I were in heaven, the oysters were massive in size and tasting of the sea. We would take turns taking bites of oyster, cold potato salad and chilled stalks of asparagus.
Next up was a platter of nigiri. The raw prawn ($4.00) was large and fresh tasting, with a slight resistant flesh when I bit into it. The rest of the fish: surf clam; salmon; tuna; and tako were generous in size, each with the appropriate texture and taste. I have yet to encounter an unpleasant piece of seafood at Zipang.
To round out our meal, we shared a bowl of chirashi ($24.00). Chilled sushi rice was covered with the usual suspects; salmon; tuna; tako; surf clam, tuna belly; and scallop. The stars of the show were the tuna belly and scallop. The tuna belly was buttery and sweet; whereas the scallop was creamy, without a hint of fishiness.

With a large beer, a small beer and enough food to make our bellies content, the total bill was under $100.00. Considering the freshness of the seafood in a landlocked city, the price was reasonable.

Sushi Bar Zipang on Urbanspoon


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