OMG @ OEB – Soul in a Bowl


Jen treated me out to brunch. As usual, she let me pick the venue. Normally, I would recommend my go to place, Cassis Bistro. However, as Jen just finished her extreme 30 day cleanse, I opted for her favourite brunch spot, OEB. 

When we arrived at 10:00 am, it was a 45 minute wait for a table. An employee that knew Jaime from her serving days offered us coffee while we waited. I also appreciated that at the end of our meal, our server offered more of the delicious hot liquid to go. The coffee was moderately strong, smooth, without any obvious bitterness.

Jaime and I both ordered the Soul in a Bowl ($11.99). We received a tall takeout box full of piping hot, crispy fries. Cut into wide flat wedges, the potato filling was silky soft. My favourite part of the meal was breaking open the eggs. First, I nudged the egg with my fork, watching it gently jiggle with each poke. With a little more force, I broke the snow white exterior, letting the bright orange yolk spill all over the fries. Combined with a healthy portion of crispy bacon, cheesy goodness and a dab of ketchup, this dish was one of the most richest breakfasts I’ve consumed.

L refuses to line-up for any restaurant. However, I think he needs to make an exception for OEB, as breakfast food here is elevated, and then some. Each bite is worth every calorie.

OEB Breakfast Co. on Urbanspoon


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