Charcut – Flavour Flav in the House!

I was for a short time, a happily retired blogger. Blissfully free from obligations, I could sit and enjoy my meal like any other customer. Friends weren’t force to take pictures on my behalf, or answer a constant stream of annoying questions. Perhaps I’ll blog just this once, because Charcut knocked it out of the park.
set lunch
M and I ordered the sandwich combo ($15.00), which came with fries, soup and two chocolate chip cookies. The sandwich of the day was Charcut’s version of a Philly cheese steak sandwich. Wowee, I almost stood up and shouted, “Flavour Flav is in the house!” A stack of thin slices of beef was piled high, intermingled with soft, caramelized onions and gooey melted cheese. The bottom of focaccia was deliciously buttered and soaked in jus.
Philly Cheese Steak
The soup of the day was mushroom and potato. If Campbell’s cream of mushroom was a person, and standing next to Charcut’s mushroom soup, I know it would hang its head in shame, cognizant of its inferiority. This soup was everything a real mushroom soup should taste like, bursting with earthy tones, subdued by a touch of cream.

The fries were outstanding. No little shards of overly fried potato for us. Each was well seasoned with salt and a blanket of Parmesan cheese. The interior were soft and mealy, yet crispy on the outside. Paired with homemade sweet ketchup, this was M’s favourite part of the meal.

M and I walked back to work, bellies content. I left my cookies on my boss’ table, as I avoid sweets. However, with M’s moans of enjoyment permeating the office, I took my bag of cookies back. God damn – Charcut even makes chocolate chip cookies taste freaking amazing. Made with more high quality medium dark chocolate than cookie, each bite was a nice balance of sugar and fat.

M is now a Charcut fan. I plan to get my whole office hooked on Charcut’s easy peasy $15 lunch within forty-five minutes. Good thing I never usually take my lunch. If I did, I would be rotund in record speed.

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