Himalyan – Take-out

Friday was my last official day at the university. L wanted to take me out to celebrate, but with Brut down and out with his recent surgery, I thought it best to stay at home. We opted for take out from Himalayan and ordered the following: Grilled Lamb ($17.75); Himalayan Eggplant ($14.00); and an order of Chicken Dumplings ($7.75). Included in our meal was a container of fluffy saffron rice, a small dish of chickpeas and zucchini, two pieces of naan, a garden salad, and two crisps.
The Grilled Lamb was donned in a red wine and cashew nut sauce. L enjoyed it – though I found the meat a tad tough. On the plus side, the pieces were generous in size and not in the least fatty.
My favourite dish of the night was the Himalayan Eggplant, cooked to a medium spice level. The sauce was tart, tangy and very spicy. The green peppers, onions and tomatoes weren’t overcooked, remaining crunchy and sweet throughout the meal.
L enjoyed the Chicken Momo ($7.75). The six dumplings were small, but packed full of chicken. The flour wrapper was perfectly steamed, neither gummy, nor too thick.

Overall, we enjoyed the food. Everything tasted fresh, and nothing tasted greasy. Note, if you order more than $20.00 worth of take-out, customers get 10 percent off the total bill.


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