Sho Sushi Bar & Kitchen – Lunch Special

Monday afternoon, L and I were shopping at Willow Park. Restaurant wise, not much was open, except for Sho Sushi. Truth be told, based on the reviews on Urbanspoon, I wasn’t too keen to try it. However, I’m glad I checked it out, as I was pleasantly surprised by our meal.

At 2:00pm, the restaurant was in disarray. Every single table was covered in dirty dishes. Once we received our food, I’m not surprised that Sho was hit hard for the lunch rush. The food is tasty.

We snacked on complimentary nibbles while we waited for our food: nori, peanuts and kimchi. We both ordered the lunch special ($13.95), which came with 3 piece sashimi roll, magic shrimp, teriyaki chicken, salad and rice.
The sashimi roll was delicious. Each piece was topped with either salmon, tuna or red tuna. The filling in each piece was filled with either ripe avocado or chopped tuna. You could tell the sushi was freshly made, and with care. I like the contrast of the soft filling to black sesame or tobiko. The green sauce drizzled on the plate was sweet. I’m going to guess and say the sauce might consist of honey and avocado.
photo 2
The Japanese style shrimp was similar to ebi mayo, but not as battered or sweet. Deep-fried, the shrimp had a satisfying crunch. Underneath the seafood was deep-fried spinach.

The teriyaki chicken was my favourite aspect of the meal. The meat was dark, the skin was crispy, and the sauce wasn’t the thick, syrupy stuff most restaurants seem to serve. Instead, the sauce was a black, fluid liquid. The salad was dressed in something sweet and creamy. I’m pretty sure it was unhealthy, because I really enjoyed it.

The portions are on the small side, though considering the richness of the food, it was adequate. Overall, I was impressed with the speedy service and the selection in the lunch special. L and I would return again, if we were in the hood.

Sho Sushi Bar & Kitchen on Urbanspoon


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