Posto – Date Night

All work and no play makes Jane a dull girl. So on a Friday night, I told L I was taking him out to my favourite hangout, Posto. Judging from the packed restaurant, it looks like everyone else wanted to go posto. L mentioned it was odd for restaurant in Calgary to be so busy after eight.
Screen Shot 2013-11-09 at 6.54.55 PM
I started off sipping on a glass of wine, while L stuck to beer. For food, we opted for the Chicken Pizza ($17), Squid Ink Agnolotti ($24), and a full order of the mussels ($18.00). My favourite employee at Posto, Elena, wasn’t serving that night as she was managing the bustling room. However, service was still great, fun and light-hearted.

The mussels were nicely cooked. Though small in size, the mussels were fresh. Each shell was open, and for the price, there was a generous amount. There was plenty of smoky pancetta in each shell, a touch of garlic and the mild taste of chilies.
Screen Shot 2013-11-09 at 6.53.52 PM
Next up was the chicken pizza with mixed cheese, red peppers, and almond pesto. L and I both agreed Posto nailed the crust. It was crispy with a bit of a chew to it.
photo 3
My favourite dish of the night was the Squid Ink Agnolotti. Cooked al dente, the filling was packed with fresh tasting crab. I thought I could taste lemongrass in the sauce, and something that added some brightness to it. The sauce consisted of saffron cream and shellfish oil, making this a delightfully decadent dish.

This is my third time at Posto, and it won’t be my last. Next on my Urbanspoon wishlist, Bonterra and Raw Bar.


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