Pearl Express – Takeout

Growing up, I loved eating westernized Chinese food. Occasionally, I still get a craving for this genre of food, and when it hits, I order from Pearl Express.

Based on my past visits, I found the food consistent, hot and fresh. The dishes aren’t pretty, but it is tasty. L and I normally order: ginger beef; shrimp, cashews and mixed vegetables; dumplings; salt and pepper squid; and Singapore noodles.

I think of all the noodle dishes I tried at Pearl Express, the Singapore noodles are the best. The thin noodles are coated in a rich, moist yellow curry powder. There are ample pieces of chai sui (bbq pork), shrimp, scrambled egg and red peppers.
The pork dumplings taste homemade. The meat inside is plump and juicy. The wrapper is a tad doughy, but nonetheless, delicious.
The ginger beef is always consistent. The long strips of beef are battered and dry. The sauce sits on the bottom of the container, thick, sweet, and sticky.
The salt and pepper squid is usually tender, with a still crispy batter, covered in spicy peppers. I like the liberal amount of onions and red peppers intermingled with the seafood.
The shrimp and cashew dish gives you good bang for your buck. If I made this dish at home, it would easily cost double the amount Pearl Express charges. Once you pick out all the good stuff out (shrimp and cashews), it serves as a vegetable dish.
Pearl Express on Urbanspoon


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