Spiros – Takeout Pizza

There are plenty reviews on Urbanspoon that state Spiros has the best pizza in town. My conclusion? I think Spiros is up there with other popular old school pizza joints, such as Hanni’s and Nick’s.
I ordered the Five Sisters ($27.95), which was described to me as a meat free pizza. However, when a vegetarian guest bit into it, she found a thick layer of ham. I could have called and complained, but instead, I sucked it up and whipped up a dish for my guest. Besides, the ham was delicious – it didn’t taste like that nasty processed stuff you get at Safeway. This was the least cheesy of the pizzas, as the other two were covered with a gooey layer.


Next up was Annah’s Island ($28.75), which contained chunks of white chicken, pineapple and mozzarella. The sweet and spicy tomato sauce was much more sweet than spicy. Everyone, including me, thought it tasted similar to ketchup. Spiros does not skimp on the ingredients, noticeably so with the chicken.
Last but not least, I ordered Cowboys and Heroes ($27.95), a politically correct pizza. This was my favourite of the bunch, piled high with pepperoni, salami, crumbly bacon, ham, spicy Italian sausage and meat sauce.

Overall, Spiros makes a good pizza, albeit, a tad pricier than our norm. However, for $85, we feed seven people, and had enough for lunch the next day. I would rather pay a bit more for good food, as cheap eats usually means the use of lesser quality ingredients.


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