Sun’s BBQ Restaurant – Late Night Eats

Jen and I were out late, and before heading home, we wanted something to eat. Jen always lets me pick the restaurant, so this time around, I opted for Sun’s BBQ. We arrived at midnight, to a restaurant packed with older Asian folk and young children.

I’ve read about the poor service at Sun’s, but honestly, I’ve never had a problem in the past, or on this occasion. Service is always efficient, despite the chaos. Our server Lena was attentive, considering she had to deal with a restaurant full of customers, all vying for her attention.

Photo Credit - Jennifer Lam
Photo Credit – Jennifer Lam

Jen was craving the Sweet and Sour Pork with Pineapple and Mayonnaise Sauce ($12.50). To round out our snack we ordered a large order of rice ($4). The pork could have arrived hotter, but other than that, it was tasty. The pork was more sour than sweet, which we prefer. Next time around, I’ll ask the kitchen to omit the mayonnaise, as it didn’t do anything for the dish. I like the rice, which was fluffy and dry.

Photo Credit - Jennifer Lam
Photo Credit – Jennifer Lam

I really like Sun’s. The prices are a touch more than other Chinese restaurants, but I would rather pay a few bucks more if the quality of the food is superior. I also think Sun’s make the best bbq duck, roast pork and bbq pork in Calgary or Vancouver. For our late night craving, Jen and I will return.

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3 thoughts on “Sun’s BBQ Restaurant – Late Night Eats

  1. One of our favourites too! We’ve found the service to be pretty good here as well. The only time you’ll get rude service is when you try to get the food runners (the ladies who deliver the food to your table) for water, tea, napkins etc. Interrupt them in their very specific duties and you’ll be sure to get the evil eye.

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