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Cedars Deli & Glamorgan Bakery – Got my Urbanspoon Vote

I was in charge of selecting the menu for an election party. I ordered the majority of the platters from Cedar’s Deli. When I called to request to pick up by 6:30 pm, the owner, Mohamed, told me he prefers to make everything as fresh as possible for customers. When I came by at 6:00 pm, he and his team were in the middle of assembling all 40 sandwiches. Based on everyone’s compliments that night, he succeeded his goal.


Since we were early, we sat down and snacked on falafels, two types of shawarmas, as well as two types of samosas. I could not believe how good everything tasted. The exterior of the falafel was delightfully crunchy, while the interior was well spiced with coriander, cumin and parsley. The vegetarian and chicken samosas were equally delicious. Both versions donned a thick, crispy batter, packed with either white pieces of chicken or soft, spicy mashed potatoes. The shawaramas were both delicious, though the chicken won me over. The meat was well flavoured and moist, excellent with a kiss of garlic sauce.


I was very pleased with the cake I ordered from Glamorgan Bakery. The cake itself was yellow, moist and spongy, with a soft buttery texture. The staff was able to screen the campaign crest in similar colours, creating the overall effect I wanted. For future orders, Cedars and Glamorgan both have my vote.


Glamorgan Bakery on Urbanspoon

Cedars Deli on Urbanspoon


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