Fast Food · Pizza

Signora Gaga

On our way home from the dog park, L and I wanted to pick something up for dinner. Since we were near the Beltline district, I told L to swing by Gaga Pizzeria. I waited in the car with our puppy, Brut, while L went to pick up a large Signora Gaga ($18.00).

From the car, I see L chatting with one of the owners, Nebojsa. L’s head was bobbing up and down, which means he is engaged in the conversation. Five minutes later, L came back with a freshly baked pie, with Nebojsa running up behind him. I thought L forgot his credit card, but it turns out, Nebojsa wanted to give Brut a treat. When L was waiting for the pizza, they were chatting about their dogs.

photo 4
We returned home to a still hot pizza. The crust was thin. Neither the sauce nor the crust was sweet, which I thought help to balance the saltiness of the prosciutto. I really enjoyed the addition of dates, which added a honeyed sweetness to every few bites. As for the cheese, there was plenty of mozzarella and bocchini to cover the pie. L and Brut are converted Gaga fans, which means we will be back for more.


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