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Shawarma Cairo – Homemade Goodness

I saw John Manzo’s Urbanspoon positive review on Cairo as well as other glowing comments, some of which compared the food to my favourite spot, Shawarma Knight. That was good enough for me. I love Shawarma Knight, and I figured if Cairo was similar, it was worth a try.

I ordered three large chicken shawarmas ($8.50). The owner asked me if it was my first time at Cairo. When I responded in the affirmative, he asked me how I learned about his business. I told him John recommended the shawarmas, all the while thinking he wouldn’t know who I was talking about. The owner’s face lit up and he gleefully shouted, “Oh John! Yes, he comes in all the time. On Saturdays! In the morning!”. Next time I see John, I’ll ask him if he is the John that visits Cairo on Saturday mornings.


The owner shaved pieces off the block of chicken on the spit and warmed it on the grill. For toppings, I picked cabbage, turnips, parsley, onions, and lettuce, with a bit of garlic sauce and hot sauce. He wrapped up the shawarmas and grilled the pita before carefully putting each one in a plastic bag.

A large shawarma was about the size of a foot long, and heavy in weight. Despite the large quantity, it was neatly assembled. The chicken was excellent, juicy and tender. I really like the seasoning on the chicken, though it was a tad salty.

Good news for me. Cairo is open late – 12:00 am daily, and on Friday and Saturday, til 4:00 am. I still love Shawarma Knight, but Cairo is equally awesome.

Shawarma Cairo on Urbanspoon


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