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Cibo – Happy Hour Indeed!

A while back I was chatting to the operations manager at Bonterra about their three restaurants: Posto; Bonterra; and Cibo. My first dinner at Cibo was fantastic, though subsequent meals were more mixed. He mentioned to me that Cibo has changed a lot since it first opened.
After this conversation, I wanted to revisit Cibo. This time around, I made it in time for happy hour. Let me tell you, it truly is a happy hour at Cibo. Select full size pizzas were $5.00, a glass of house wine was $5.00, and Mill Street draft beers were only $4.00.

I thought our server, Toni, did a great job. Considering the size of the upstairs floor, she was always around to ensure we want for nothing. My crew from work were unfamiliar with the concept of the happy hour. Toni was patient, and took great pains to explain the food and drink specials. I’m glad Toni was so understanding. I know that after work, I tend to be easily irritated, particularly when happy hour is slipping past my reach.

Sausage and Roasted Tomato
Sausage and Roasted Tomato

We ordered three pizzas: Fior di Latte and San Marazo Tomato; Roasted Mushroom and Smoked Scamorzo; and Sausage and Roasted Pepper. The pizzas took longer than I expected, but man, was it worth the wait. The crust on each pie was marvelous, crunchy yet chewy. The edges of the crust puffed up beautifully, the top was marked by a dark golden brown colour.
The roasted mushroom was the pie most subtle in taste. I could taste a light olive oil in the toppings. The sausage and roasted pepper pizza was the most decadent, covered with lots of cheese and meat. My favourite was the fior di latte pizza, it had a nice balance of zesty tomato sauce and cheese.
The wine on special was Alpha Zeta Valpolincella and Alpha Zeta Pinot Grigio, which are normally $8.00 a glass. The prosecco I tried was lovely, and inexpensive at $5.50. Next time I’m hanging out on 17th Ave, I would happily return, regardless if it was happy hour.


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