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Briggs Kitchen + Bar

Jen, my trusty dining companion and photographer, let me pick the restaurant for our girls’ night on Thanksgiving Monday. At 6:00 pm, the restaurant was quiet, though there were a small and steady stream of customers throughout the night. The restaurant itself is hip, modern and inviting.

Photo Credit - Jennifer Lam
Photo Credit – Jennifer Lam

For beverages, Jen and I shared a pint of Mill Street Organic ($6.00) and sparkling water. For food, we ordered the Humbolt Calamari ($11.00) and the Halibut Burger ($15.25). I asked if they could upgrade the side of fries to the Newf’s poutine, which they gladly did for an additional $11.50.

Photo Credit - Jennifer Lam
Photo Credit – Jennifer Lam

The calamari is worth ordering again. The pieces were large and the portion was generous. Seriously, this was far superior to any Chinese restaurant, and cheaper too. The squid itself was tender, and the batter was crispy. The tomato aioli was an excellent condiment, creamy with a spicy heat. The calamari was topped with cabbage and an herb that tasted like liquorice.

Jennifer Lam
Jennifer Lam

The Crispy Halibut Burger was tasty. The halibut was lightly battered, with a creamy spicy sauce. I thought I tasted lemon in the fish. The bun was soft and squishy, similar to White Spot’s buns. The poutine was rich with a white sauce, a small scattering of curds, and a generous amount of fresh tasting lobster meat.

By the end of the two dishes, we were too full to try anything else. I’m keen to return to try the wings and short ribs. I like Briggs. I think it would be a safe bet for large parties, as there is something for everyone on the menu. The prices are less than what you would pay at Cactus Club or Earls, and the quality of food in my humble opinion, is superior.

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