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Cheezy Bizness – More like Cheezy Bliss


I have been slow to jump on the food truck bandwagon. However, after I tasted a dish made by Nicole Fewell, the owner and head chef of Cheezy Bizness, at a fundraiser last week, I had to check it out for myself.

Cheezy Truck

I was sick all week, but I trekked downtown before Fewell closed her truck for the season. I ordered a Hot Mess Grilled Sandwich ($9.50) and a shot of tomato soup ($1.00). About six other people were ahead of me, waiting for their order. Within ten minutes, my sandwich and soup was ready. I walked over to sit on the patio seats of a nearby Starbucks. I’m sure businesses just love it when “customers” bring outside food into their establishment. Thankfully, I wasn’t chased out by a cheesed off barista.


Between two crispy pieces of white bread held a cheesy hot mess of pimento cheese; pepper jack; banana peppers; sriracha mayo; Spragg’s Spanish chorizo; and a Sylvan Star Farms fried egg. The sausage is a custom blended Spanish style chorizo, the result of collaboration between Spragg’s and Fewell. There was plenty of gooey goodness but not so heavy handed that it overwhelmed the bread. The banana peppers gave it some texture and added a tangy heat. The egg was shaped so that it was uniformly thin, fitting evenly into the sandwich. The yolk was still creamy without being runny. I like the aesthetic contrast of the bright yellow yolk and red banana peppers against the egg white and cheese.


The tomato soup was freaking fantastic. It was piping hot, creamy without the addition of cream, with a kick of spice. The soup was thick enough to have substance but wasn’t runny like a broth. I loved the soup so much, I went back to order another cup for my ride back home on the C-Train. I kid you not, as I sipped away on this liquid gold, I blanked out and floated away to a beautiful place.

Good news for those who want to try Cheezy Bizness but did not make it in time. Fewell will be out and and about for special events and catering gigs, and she may be selling her soup by the litre in the winter. I know I will be the first person in line to pick up her tomato soup.

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