Five Guys & Fries – Burgerlicious

Michelle and I were out and about Sunday afternoon. She had an intense craving for Five Guys & Fries. Seeing as Michelle is eight months pregnant, I didn’t protest, though I had my heart set on Big Catch at the Kingsland Farmer’s Market.


I ordered a Little Cheese Burger ($5.99), Little Fry ($2.99) and a bottle of Dasanji water ($2.39). Five Guys and Fries is one of few restaurants that post nutritional information on their website. I like knowing how many calories I consume, not that its been doing me any good. My Little Meal contained A Lot Of Calories, roughly 1,200.

I took advantage of the free toppings and ordered my burger with grilled onions, lettuce, ketchup, mustard, grilled mushrooms, mayonnaise, and pickles. Their website states that their patties are made with 100% beef and are made fresh, never frozen.

About ten minutes later, our order was ready. I was secretly pleased to see that the small burger wasn’t so petite, it was heftier than a regular White Spot burger. The cheese tasted like it was processed, and it wasn’t fully melted, but other than that, it was a delicious burger. Each bite was filled with the taste of cheese, a well seasoned beef patty, firm mushrooms, sweet onions and the crunch of lettuce. I liked the tartness of ketchup and creaminess of mayonnaise intermingling with all the ingredients.

burger and fries

Five Guys are known for dumping an extra serving of fries on top of ordered portion. The fries are thick cut and fried in peanut oil. I thought the fries were a tad soft, and would have preferred it they were fresh out of the fryer. I was full after my burger, so next time, I’d likely omit the fries.

Take note this is one messy sandwich. Thankfully, Five Guys and Fries provides large, thick napkins. For the price, this burger beats the likes of White Spot, McDonald’s and other fast food joints.

Five Guys Burgers and Fries on Urbanspoon


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