U & Me – Late Night Eats

Beep Beep was in Calgary for work. We went out to a nice restaurant to share a bottle of prosecco, but after drinking, I wanted to go elsewhere for food. I wasn’t in the mood for fine dining. I was craving the likes of Gyoza King or Guu Original in Vancouver. However, as we were in Calgary, we compromised for greasy Chinese food. I heard much about U & Me, so off we went to check it out.

Based on the reviews on Urbanspoon, I thought the service at U & Me would be horrific. Fortunately, we experienced the opposite. In fact, our server, Ling, was friendly and took good care of us. I made sure I left her a nice tip, as good service should be rewarded, particularly in a Chinese restaurant.


We ordered: pork dumplings ($8.50); salt and pepper squid ($10.00); and XO Sauce & Beef Fried Rice Noodle ($10.99). For $8.99, we received 10 plump dumplings, which seem reasonable to me. The filling was tasty, though the wrapper was greasy. We enjoyed the dumplings and would order it again.

I thought the rice noodles were a little too soft, and I would have liked if it had a touch more sauce. There was plenty of still crisp bean sprouts and tender pieces of beef, making it a decent dish.


Unfortunately, the Salt and Pepper Squid was like eating a rubber tire. I tried to chew a couple of pieces, but the squid was too tough. We left the plate practically untouched.

Ling came over and asked us if we liked the food. I gave the dumplings and noodles a thumbs up and then gestured to the squid with a thumbs down motion. Ling laughed and said the dumplings are her favourite item on the menu.

Beep Beep was surprised I was so frank with Ling, as she said I’m normally much more tactful. Well, perhaps I’m turning over a new leaf. It also helped that I could tell Ling was genuinely interested to hear our opinion and she wouldn’t be offended by a little honesty.

I’ve heard good things about their dim sum. However, at late night, the selection of dim options is limited. Note that on their website, the on-line menu for late night showed more options than were actually offered at the restaurant. Overall, we thought U & Me does the trick for late night eats, and we’d return to try their dim sum.

U & Me Restaurant on Urbanspoon


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