Double Zero – Happy Hour

Another girls’ night with Jaime and Jennifer. As usual, they let me pick the restaurant. I wavered between Brigg’s Kitchen and Bar, Midtown and Double Zero. I picked Double Zero because of their happy hour and I was in a frugal mood.


The moment I walked in, I felt at home. The room was full of happy shiny people, enjoying glasses of wine, prosecco and beer for $5.00. We sat down at a high table, and promptly ordered a flute of Canella, Prosecco di Conegliano Superiore ($5.00). The prosecco was sweet at first with a tart finish.


The Bar Calamari ($5.00) wasn’t my favourite of the bunch. The ringlets of squid was tender, but the batter was moist and crumbled off the squid. However, for $5.00, it was more than adequate.

I enjoyed the Roasted Cauliflower ($5.00). The cauliflower still retained a firmness, the fried chick peas and fried capers gave it some texture. I thought I tasted cumin and cheese in this dish and I liked the spices dusted over cauliflower.


I would have liked the Mushroom Pizza if it came with more toppings ($17.00). I like the addition of basil, but thought there should have been more fontina cheese and mushrooms near the edge of the crust. The crust was light and crisp, a dark brown in some areas. Other than my personal preference for more substantial toppings, it was a tasty pizza.


Jennifer ordered a chocolate dessert and bar meatballs ($5.00). I didn’t sample either, as I was too full at this point, but she enjoyed it. As for bar bites, and with the exception of the meatballs, the portions are very generous. Overall, you can’t go wrong heading to Double Zero for happy hour. If you like prosecco and snacks, Double Zero offers a steal of a deal.


Double Zero Pizza on Urbanspoon


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