Spiros Pizza – Comatose Portions

I received good news about a future prospect, so my mother-in-law, Gail, decided that we should go out for dinner to celebrate. I was actually in the middle of cooking supper when Gail ordered me to turn off the stove. Yes, I do believe I scored big time with my in-laws. Bob came back home and suggested Spiros Pizza on 17th Avenue.

The restaurant was about half full on a Wednesday night. We ordered our first round of beers while we looked through the menu. Our server, an Asian female, was helpful and friendly. We were impressed with her patience and suggestions in selecting our entrees and side dishes.


Bob knows I have a penchant for deep-fried squid, so he insisted on ordering an appetizer of Kalamari ($11.95). The appetizer was a hit. The squid arrived in large, freshly fried ringlets. The breaded batter was light and nicely seasoned while the squid was tender.


All entrees come with rice, potatoes, and a Greek or Caesar salad. I opted for the Greek salad. The lettuce, tomatoes and green peppers tasted like they were just chopped. The dressing had a nice tang to it. Topped with snowy feta cheese and olives, I thought this was a good salad.


For my main course, I ordered the Moussaka ($22.95). The potatoes on top were silky smooth, though I couldn’t taste the bechamel sauce, which was advertised on the menu. I thought the layers of zucchini, eggplant were perfectly cooked and the spiced ground beef was very tasty. As for the sides, the potato wedges were large and vibrant with the taste of lemon, and amount of rice and carrots was so large, we took home left-overs for next day’s lunch.


I tried a bite of Gail’s Baked Veal Canneloni, a deep dish of pasta tubes filled with veal and cheese, then baked with even more cheese. I thought I tasted cinnamon in the sauce. Gail enjoyed this dish – it was rich, comfort food.


I also took a bite of L’s Chicken Souvlaki, which was well seasoned and still juicy. I stole a bite from Bob as well, his lamb chops were delicately flavoured, not gamey and cooked to his specified request of medium.


The food at Spiros Pizza isn’t cheap, but the portions are huge and the food taste like it was made with love. We’re fans of this neighbourhood joint, and would return again, particularly for that kalamari and cannelloni.
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