Roast – An Amazing Americano

I was showing my friend Michelle around to my favourite vendors in Kingsland Market: Broxburn Farm; Big Catch; Lund’s; Leah Tarts; Kaffir Lime Indonesia Grill; and Fallentimber Meadery. Mid trip, Michelle was craving an iced coffee, so we headed over to Roast Coffee & Tea Co. Michelle ordered us a medium iced americano and a gluten free blueberry muffin.

roast 1

Shanna, Roast’s friendly barista, was knowledgeable about their roasting process, selection of beans, as well as a few beauty tips. Michelle complimented Shanna’s glowing complexion, to which Shanna credited to coconut oil and baking soda. I wish I met Shana decades ago, I would have saved a fortune in my potions, lotions and facials.

Back in the day, I worked at two coffee houses and a Starbucks. However, my barista skills are not in the same league as Shanna. The drink she made us was rich in espresso flavour with the perfect blend of coffee to cream. The medium was a generous size, enough to quench my thirst and then some.

The gluten-free blueberry muffin was also well received – moist, light with a taste of lemon zest. Though the muffin is on the small size, I found it filling. Factor in the free beauty tips, Roast makes its way into my list of top hot spots at the Kingsland Market.

Roast Coffee on Urbanspoon


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