Kaffir Lime Indonesia Grill – Kingsland Gem

Kafflir Lime

My love for Big Catch has prevented me from trying other food vendors at Kingsland Farmer’s Market. However, when a trusted food source, John Manzo, told me to check out Kaffir Lime Indonesia Grill, I decided it was time. My friend Jaime came with me, as she wanted to check out Broxburn Farm.

salad peanut

When we were waiting to order, we witnessed a senior citizen ranting at the vendor for not accepting credit card as a form of payment. In response, the chef apologized for the inconvenience. For some reason, using the ATM machine, a 15 second walk away, was too much for this man. I can’t imagine why, but the movie, “Grumpy Old Men” popped into my head.

Jaime ordered the Gado Gado. The salad was piled high with assorted greens, tofu and a medley of fresh, raw, julienne vegetables. The peanut satay sauce was killer, rich, tangy, with a sweet undertone. As a result of all the different ingredients layered on the salad, each bite was different in taste and texture.

beef randan

I picked the Beef Rendeng with rice and salad. The meat was from Hoven Farms. My beef rendeng was tender on the outside, but a tad tougher in the centre. The sauce was creamy, and the flavours incredibly vibrant. The mound of yellow rice was fluffy and soft. Served alongside was a generous pile of mixed lettuces and vegetables, tossed in a tangy lime vinaigrette. The chili sambal dolloped on the rice was one of the hottest versions I’ve sampled.

We were both surprised with the large portions and loved the powerful flavours. I enjoyed the peanut satay so much, I ordered a small container to go ($5.00). FYI – the sauce will stay good in the fridge for two weeks, or three months in the freezer.

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