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Jackie’s Thai – Tasty Thai Take-Out

Ever since John Manzo told me to eat at Jackie’s Thai, I wanted to check it out. Located in Eau Claire’s food court, its easy enough for me to drop by on my way home. Now that I’ve sampled their fare, I’ll happily return to Jackie’s.


I have no knowledgeable about what constitutes authentic Thai food. However, I sent my friend Jaime down to Jackie’s Thai, who is well versed on the cuisine. She reported that Jackie’s whips up authentic and cheap Thai food. That was good enough for me. On the following Sunday, L and I came down for lunch.

Advertised as Calgary’s best Thai food under $10.00, I would say for lighter appetites, your meal may be even less than that estimated amount. L and I ordered the combination set for two ($19.99), which includes any four of their dishes of the day. We ordered: Thai Basil Chicken; Yellow Curry Vegetables; Pad Thai; and Red Curry Beef. We received two big plates of rice to go with our four dishes. As well, we ordered a freshly made papaya salad.


The dishes ranged from a mild heat, a warming heat to a mouth tingling sensation (i.e. hot). The mildest of the curries was the Yellow Curry Vegetables. This was L’s favourite dish – the curry was creamy and the vegetables were pleasantly soft. The Thai Basil Chicken had a spicier heat, with tender chunks of chicken and basil leaves.

I enjoyed the Pad Thai – it was flavourful and tangy. The noodles were tangled with lots of firm vegetables and crunchy shrimp. I like the self-serve condiments, helping myself to plenty of peanuts, lime and garlic.

My favourite dish was the Red Curry Beef with Jack fruit. The beef was very tender in a creamy coconut sauce, and the carrots were soft and practically melted in my mouth. If your taste buds ever need a wake up call, order the Papaya Salad. The salad was a refreshing combination of crunchy, cold and spicy. I like the addition of fresh, lightly cooked green beans. If you like really spicy food, you’ll love this salad.

Papaya Salad

After pigging out, we only made a dent in the food. We ended taking half of the food home. Next time I drop by, I plan to order take-out. 500 ml containers cost $7.95, 750 ml containers cost $11.50 and if you buy three containers, the four is free. Next on my list to try: soups, green beans, and more curries. Note that on weekends, parking is only $2.00.

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