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Little Lebanon – Chicken Fatayrs

I was on my way to Bow Bulgogi for lunch when I bumped into my neighbour outside of Little Lebanon. He picked up his regular order of a dozen fatayrs and offered me one to try. I sampled the chicken fatayr, which I really enjoyed. The chicken mixture was moist and mixed with a gravy like sauce. I didn’t like the beef and donair fatayrs as much as the chicken, as I found the beef drier and less flavourful. The price is right. $1.00 for one, $5.00 for half a dozen and $9.50 for a dozen.

Beef Pies

I use to love the Beef Donair (small $5.50), but now that I ask for no sauce, I prefer the chicken shawarma ($6.50). The beef is cut into long slices – the meat is tender and salty. The sweet sauce or the garlic sauce add a lot of flavour and brings all the ingredients together. Perhaps I should rethink my no sauce policy.

The Chicken Shawarma ($6.50) is made from rotisserie chicken, drizzled with garlic or tahini sauce. Vegetable options are standard: turnips; lettuce; hot peppers; onions; and tomatoes. Preparation of the donairs and shawarmas is hectic, so the final product tends to be on the sloppy side.

Little Lebanon is always packed and as a result, the atmosphere is chaotic. However, for something quick, filling, and cheap, Little Lebanon is a great alternative to the other fast food joints in the hood.

Beef Donair
Beef Donair

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