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Downtownfood – Part Two of the Lunch Triology

I wanted to take Jaime out for lunch, and after my last meal at Downtownfood, I decided to make reservations for a Friday afternoon. By noon, the restaurant was packed with ladies that lunch. Wine glasses were clinking, tables full of friends were cackling, and gorgeously plated food was flying around the room.


This time around, we sat by the window so we could see pedestrians walk by and observe the hustle and bustle of the downtown core. The room was filled with natural light. A little too much sunlight for my taste, at least, until our server pulled down the blinds so that I could regain my sight.


I wanted to eat something light – so I opted for the 3 course meal ($25.00). I picked: red pepper chipotle soup with goat cheese; pan seared market fish of the day; and a strawberry doughnut for dessert.

The last time I ate a soup this good was at Broxburn Farm. The soup was creamy without the addition of cream, with a warming heat to it. Jaime and I both noticed the soup bowl stayed hot throughout the first course.

Second up was the wild Pacific salmon. The top was of the fish was crispy while the interior was a perfect medium rare – just the way I like it. One thing I hate is over cooked fish – something I’m consistently guilty of doing at home. I really liked the vidalia onion ragout and bok choy with parsley underneath the salmon. The light green broth was subtle, light with a tang of citrus.


I’ve sampled the strawberry doughnut before, so I gave my dessert to Jaime. She loved it – stating it was just like warm strawberry jam on bread, but deep-fried. For a leisurely weekday lunch in the downtown core, you can’t do much better than Downtownfood.


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