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Newcastle Pub – Pizza Time

On a lazy Sunday evening, my father-in-law, Bob, wanted to pick up a pizza from Hanni’s. Unfortunately, when he swung by, the restaurant was closed. Bob called me and asked me to pick another place. I knew he wanted a restaurant near our home, so I recommended Newcastle Pub.


Though the pub was packed to capacity, the bartender took good care of Bob. He drank a cold beer and waited for two Meat Lovers Pizzas ($14.00), which took about 15 minutes.


Cut into eight small pieces, a pie is suffice for two people. The sauce was light and tangy, just enough to moisten the pie. The crust was neither thick nor thin, and crispier on the edge than in the middle. The pie was layered with thin slices of hot Italian pepperoni, genoa salami, back bacon, and Spolumbo’s Italian sausage. The top layer of cheese was just enough to cover the meats and it wasn’t so oily that you feel gross after eating it. Overall, a satisfying pizza worth getting again.

Newcastle Pub on Urbanspoon


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