Yummy Dim Sum Vs. Lucky Dim Sum

Peaches told me about these homemade dumplings she bought at Central Landmark Mall. I always thought she was talking about Lucky Dim Sum, which is on the main floor. However, I found out recently that she shops at Yummy Dim Sum, which is on the second floor of the mall.

I really like the dim sum at Lucky Dim Sum, but noticed that as of late, the ingredients have changed. For example, the spring rolls didn’t have any meat filling and the noodles inside were hard. A batch of won tons seem to fall apart easily. Last week, I saw on Alberta Health Services that Lucky Dim Sum hasn’t been so lucky regarding past inspections.

Yummy Dim Sum

I decided it was time to move on and try Yummy Dim Sum. The stall is small and worn. You have the option to order dim sum on the premise, but I prefer to order the frozen goods to make at home. Price wise, Yummy Dim Sum chicken dumplings are cheaper than Lucky, $17.99 compared to $12.99.

Lucky Dim Sum - Chicken Dumplings
Lucky Dim Sum – Chicken Dumplings

When L and I returned home, we conducted a taste test. Lucky Dim Sum has fatter dumplings, the skin is thicker and I love the juiciness of the chicken filling. Yummy Dim Sum has less filling, but the mixture is flavourful. Once you factor in the size difference, the price between the two stores is moot.

Personally, I prefer Lucky Dim Sum over Yummy Dim Sum. At Lucky Dim Sum, the shrimp won ton is crunchy, while the shrimp at Yummy Dim Sum is softer, and there is the occasional veined shrimp. I also prefer Lucky Dim Sum’s sticky rice over Yummy Dim Sum. Lucky Dim Sum’s version is packed with tasty pieces of meat, whereas Yummy Dim Sum has more rice and fattier pieces of meat. As well, I like prefer the meatier dumpling filling and thicker wrapper over Yummy Dim Sum’s version.

Yummy Dim Sum - Chicken Dumplings
Yummy Dim Sum – Chicken Dumplings

In conclusion, I’m a bigger fan of Lucky Dim Sum. They may not be as favourably reviewed by Alberta Health, but Lucky sure know how to make their dim sum.

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