Bow Bulgogi House – Lunch Special

I have a lot of vacation days to use up before my contract comes to an end. So, on a muggy Thursday, I took the afternoon off from work. On my way home, I decided check out the lunch special ($10.99) at Bow Bulgogi House.


The first dish to arrive was a bowl of congee. L can’t stand the texture of congee, but having grown up on it, I enjoy it. The congee was warm, salty, and tasted a bit like cream of chicken. It was cooked “home style”. If your family ever made congee, you would know what I mean. The grains of rice were still evident, not like the smooth, almost silky stuff you get at Chinese restaurants. I like the addition of green onions, meat and celery, as it gave the soup some flavour and texture.

Side dishes

Next up was three side dishes: bean sprouts tangled with carrots; kimchi; and daikon with cucumber. I love the different sweet, tart and crunchy elements of each dish.

Lunch Special

The main dish consisted of bbq chicken, a bbq rib, a spring roll, rice and vegetables. The chicken was juicy and covered in a pleasant sweet marinade. The spring roll was fresh from the deep fryer, and looked homemade, jam packed with a mix of vegetables. The beef rib was a bit fatty, but I haven’t met a short rib that wasn’t well marbled. The side of cabbage and rice was standard. For a filling, fast and inexpensive meal, Bow Bulgogi House offers an alternative to pho and Vietnamese joints in the hood.

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2 thoughts on “Bow Bulgogi House – Lunch Special

  1. Fun fact: “kimchi” just means “pickle” in Korean, so all of those appetizers- collectively called “banchan”- are kimchi. Cabbage kimchi, provided it’s not pasteurized (most is not) has more probiotic value than does yogurt. That’s because of the naturally occurring lactobacilli in cabbage that are released and propagated by fermentation. It’s a superfood, one of the best examples of a superfood.

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