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Sichanis Mediterranean – Chicken Shawarma

Every time I visit Kingsland Farmer’s Market, I vow to try something new. I know the market is full of great food vendors, but due to my sushi fetish, and love for high quality seafood, I always end up at Big Catch. To solve this dilemma, I asked L to order from a different venue.
chicken swharma

This time around, L ordered a small chicken shawarma ($8.75) from Sichanis Mediterranean. The small shawarma is a bit longer and plumper than a Subway six inch sub. The pita wrapper was thin and soft, stuffed with an ample amount of fresh lettuce, onions and turnips. There was a good proportion of chicken to vegetables. I found the amount of sauce was light – a change from the sauciness of my favourite pit stop – Shawarma Knights.

I found the chicken salty and a little crusty. I would have preferred if the chicken was moister, but it’s nothing a little more sauce couldn’t mask. Flavour-wise, I prefer the seasoning in Sichanis’ chicken over Little Lebanon. I tasted a different seasoning – perhaps cinnamon, on the chicken.

I know L loves the burrito at Sabores, but next time, I’ll persuade him to order from the Indonesian and Indian food stalls. I’m also a big fan of Primal Soups take home soups, and I noticed that recently, a lot of customers digging into their pots of macaroni and cheese. Due to my ingenious thinking, I can still get my Big Catch fix and try out new vendors. Peaches should be proud of me.

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8 thoughts on “Sichanis Mediterranean – Chicken Shawarma

  1. We got a few things from the Indian place a while back. It’s cheap but it was not good. Kaffir Lime is AMAZING. I usually plan on Big Catch but end up at Kaffir Lime.

  2. Okay – I’ll get L to order beef rendang and gado gado. Any other suggestions for eats in the market? I am going to try Jackie’s Thai soon – each time I tried to go in the past, it was their closing time.

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