Big Catch – Special Order Nigiri Combo

L and I took Friday off from work. He asked me what I wanted to do. Shop at Kingsland Market of course! I try to pick up produce and cheese from Broxburn Farm every week, and I was craving sushi from Big Catch.

The entire time I was at the market, there was a constant line-up at Big Catch. Nevertheless, Shin and his partners were friendly and all smiles. I asked Shin if he could make me something different as the last few visits I’ve stuck to my usual pick, special order chirashi.

Nigiri 1

I waited a bit longer than usual, but when I saw my special order, I realized how time consuming it was for Shin to make my lunch. I received ten pieces of variations of salmon, tuna and toro nigiri. Though there were duplicate cuts of fish, each set was prepared and topped with different seasoning, which changed the overall taste.

All the seared nigiri was lightly torched, so that the flavour was intensified but the texture remain similar. I much prefer Shin’s torched nigiri than the version I sampled at Li-Ao, in which the fish was over torched, resulting in a tougher drier taste experience.

Shot 3 Nigiri

My favourite was the seared salmon with crispy rice. The rice was still warm and contrasted with the still cool salmon. I like the seared tuna seasoned with cayenne pepper, which gave the fish a subtle heat. I really enjoyed the salmon nigiri with a light drizzle of a mayonnaise sauce, a tiny salty pop of tobiko, garnished with green onions and sesame seeds, as well as the torched salmon with drizzle of mayonnaise and red onion.

Both the regular and torched toro was buttery in texture. Another winner was the salmon nigiri topped with a spicy chili concoction. The chili was mixed with something crunchy, and again, I like the contrast of the softness of the salmon to the textured topping. The rice was great – each grain was separate and firm with just the right amount of stickiness. I like the size of the nigiri – it was a two bite piece. The fish was well cut, so it made for a clean bite.


Next time, I’d love to special order the nigiri again. However, considering how popular Big Catch has become, I’d feel guilty ordering it too often because of how labourious it is to create this dish. Oh well, the guilt is worth the pleasure of eating Big Catch’s nigiri.

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