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Brassiere Kensington – Kick Ass Mussels

L’s friend Aki was in town for the weekend. L was craving a good burger and I remembered Brassiere Kensington makes a decadent lamb burger. I’ve been meaning to take L to Brassiere, so off we went for lunch.

The bistro has a chill environment. The window seats offer a street view of the hustle and bustle of Kensington. On this particular Saturday afternoon, we enjoyed listening to the juke box tunes playing energetically in the background.

The lamb burger is no longer on the menu, so L opted for the House Ground 8oz Beef Hanger Burger ($16.25) with smoked cheddar, arugula aioli & grainy mustard. He was impressed – the patty was thick, soft and juicy. I loved how the warm juices of the burger intermingled with bun, cheese, aioli and the feel of the crisp, cool produce. The ketchup for the frites was awesome – it had a spicy kick to it.


Aki ordered the Brass Club ($16.50) with a salad. The club burger smelled and looked good. I could see the bacon and grilled chicken peeking out from the bun. I wanted to try a bite, but as I don’t know Aki well, I thought he’d appreciate if I kept my saliva and germs to myself. Aki devoured his burger, and he said it was delicious.


I wasn’t going to order anything as I was still full from my early lunch at Gaga Pizzeria. However, when looking at the beer menu, I saw Saffron Cream Mussels ($17.00) on the menu. I asked our server if I could order off the regular menu. Lucky for me, the chef agreed to make me a batch.

The mussels were far superior to my go to places in Vancouver, Salade de Fruits and Chambar. I received at least 15 of the largest, fattest, sweetest mussels I’ve ever consumed. I took a picture of one of the smaller mussels for proof, it was the size of a big oyster. The mussels was cooked just to the point of being done, soft and not chewy.


I was full after eating my bowl of mussels. However, that didn’t stop me from eating all of my frites. I asked for a salad but I guess our server forgot my request. However, the frites are worth the calorie splurge – they were thin, crispy on outside with the enough of potato mealiness inside to give it some substance.

L and I plan to return to Brassiere for dinner. The food is delicious and reasonably priced. Better yet, I noticed that they have happy hour from three to six on weekdays, and half priced bottles of wine on Sundays. Maybe I should start having girls’ night on Sundays…

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