Tenshi Sushi

I had an appointment for a facial in Kensington. With an hour to kill, I asked Jaime if she wanted to meet me for an early dinner. I didn’t think an hour wasn’t long enough to dine at Brassiere Kensington, so I opted for a quick bite at Tenshi. Jaime and I will have to save BK for another time, when we can take our time to enjoy the food.

I ate at Tenshi before and did not like any of the food I sampled. However, since there were so many positive reviews on Yelp, and Peaches was going to try it on Friday, I felt like I ought to give it another chance.


I ordered the salmon and tuna don ($9.99). For the price, I was surprised at the generous portion. The presentation was nice – I liked the seasoning on the rice and the thin, wild strands of cucumber. I counted a total of six large pieces of fish. Though the slices of sashimi were thick, I didn’t find it too large to eat. Thankfully, the fish was cut well, so that I didn’t get any tough or sinewy pieces.

The temperature of the sashimi and rice was cool, but not cold. The tuna was firm and had that melt in your mouth texture. The salmon was fresh and lean in flavour. The rice was good, chewy with a good balance of sugar and vinegar. The sushi don comes with a miso soup, which I think the server forgot, as it appeared after I finished eating my meal.


Jaime liked her cucumber and avocado rolls – the seaweed was crunchy, the cucumber was fresh and the rice was well flavoured with sugar and vinegar. She wasn’t impressed with the gomae, which she felt just tasted like freshly boiled spinach with a bit of sauce on top.


I realize why people often say you can’t fairly judge the food unless you’ve dined at least three times at the restaurant. I’m really happy I gave Tenshi another chance. I found a new favourite place for a fresh, inexpensive meal. I would love to return to try the chirashi and maki platter for two.

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