AÑEJO – Brunch

I had a $50.00 gift certificate to AÑEJO that I won at a Yelp Event. I asked Peaches if she wanted to come with me on a Sunday afternoon to check it out. At noon, the restaurant was very quiet, the opposite of the last time I visited on a busy Wednesday night. Our server Anna was helpful. I also appreciated that she took the time to explain the menu and the restaurant to us.

Photo Credit: Peaches @ followmyfoodtrail
Photo Credit: Peaches @ followmyfoodtrail

I ordered a glass of sangria. I thought it tasted more like kool aid, but I wasn’t going to mention anything to our server. However, Peaches told me it was better to tell the staff, or else they wouldn’t know or be able to fix it. Our server Anna responded positively to my query. She apologized without questioning if it was the drink or my taste buds at fault. She offered to remake the drink or asked if I’d like a completely different drink. I really liked the way Anna handled the situation – I hate complaining but she put me at ease.

Photo Credit: Peaches @ followmyfoodtrail
Photo Credit: Peaches @ followmyfoodtraill

As Peaches was on a health kick, we opted for seafood rather than the carb heavy brunches. Our favourite dish was the Ensalada Campechan ($14.00). This dish was easy to share, as there was one of everything: shrimp; crab claws; octopus; avocado and lettuce wedges. The shrimp was juicy and spicy. The octopus was my favourite – it had a firm, pleasantly chewy texture and tasted of the grill. The sangrita was the perfect dressing for the seafood because it didn’t over power the seafood but merely accentuated it. I would order the salad again – it was clean tasting and simple but a really well-done salad.

Photo Credit: Peaches @ followmyfoodtrail
Photo Credit: Peaches @ followmyfoodtrail

From the fresh list, we ordered a bowl of mussels with olives and red onions ($17.00). The mussels arrived bubbling in a black pot. The mussels were small, but the flavour of the broth made up for the size. The broth tasted like there was some coconut milk. I enjoyed the mix of vegetables in the broth – red onions, capers, olives and celery. The broth was salty, but in a good way.

Photo Credit: Peaches @ followmyfoodtrail
Photo Credit: Peaches @ followmyfoodtrail

The Ceviche Tasting ($17.00) contained a small fist full of: scallop and shrimp; baja tuna and halibut. The presentation was lovely. Peaches enjoyed the halibut the most while I preferred the tuna and scallop and shrimp. The halibut was delicately flavoured, intermingled with razor thin radishes. I loved the spiciness in the tuna, chopped up pickled cucumbers and the saltiness of the capers. The scallops were tender while the shrimp was quite juicy. I like the addition of refreshing slices of jicama and avocado in the scallop and shrimp dish.

I enjoyed the food at AÑEJO. The seafood dishes are light and refreshing, ideal for summer eating. I’d happy return, particularly for the service and the seafood salad.

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2 thoughts on “AÑEJO – Brunch

  1. Great review on the food! Thanks again for sharing your GC with me. And you didn’t really complain to Anna – she was a great server and understood your concerns.

    ETA: The mussels were $18.

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