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Taste Restaurant – Girls’ Night

At the last Yelp event, I won gift certificates to AÑEJO, Belgo and Taste. I thought it was only befitting that I take my friends Jaime and Jennifer to Taste, as they were with me at the event. To start off, we ordered a bottle of Antech Limoux Reserve Brut ($50.00).


We ordered: cheese plate; deviled eggs; pretzel bites; tomato salad; and mushroom toast. The three cheeses featured that night were the Devil’s Rock, Brie de Nagis, Le Seigneurie ($22.00), served alongside drizzles of pomegranate syrup and maple balsamic, as well as prosciutto bits.

cheese platter

The Deviled Eggs ($5.00) were a hit with Jaime. The egg was shaped and decorated like a cupcake. This dish brought salty, creamy, and spicy elements altogether in one bite. The grainy mustard gave a nice pop to it while the jalapeno kicked the egg up a notch.


The Pretzel Bits arrived warm with house made mustard ($6.00). The pretzel was soft and tasted sweet. I thought I would like the pretzels more with a cold beer.


Our server recommended the tomato salad ($10.00). This dish was one of our favourite dishes. The salad was simple but I think that it allowed the ingredients to really shine. The slices of tomatoes were fresh, sweet, and ripe. I loved that the salad sparingly dressed in white balsamic dressing. The addition of strands of basil gave the tomatoes a brightness, while the mascarpone gave the salad a little decadence.


The Wild Mushrooms ($12.00) dish was also a winner. Though the 63.8 degree egg was topped with truffle oil and Parmesan, I didn’t find it overly rich. This dish was the ultimate comfort food, I could imagine eating it when I’m sick. The bread was thin and grilled, an appropriate vessel for the earthy, warm mixture of mushrooms and egg.

mushroom toast

For dessert, Jaime and Jennifer shared the daily cheesecake ($7.00). We had a nice time at Taste. The prices are reasonable and the service is excellent. Our server, a tall vegetarian blond that only works Wednesdays (I unfortunately didn’t catch her name) gave excellent recommendations throughout the night. We never felt rushed, in fact, she encouraged us to take our time and hang out. We felt that she was genuinely an all around cool person. My friends would love to return for more of that tomato salad and mushroom toast, and we’ll most likely do so on a Wednesday.


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